This fall we created a bathroom design in collaboration with the Splash Spritzo showroom in Providence. We were invited to take over their Instagram for a day and walk their followers through the process of selecting fixtures for a bathroom at the showroom. We decided to create a traditional bathroom with a modern twist - using traditional lines and shapes mixed with modern materials and colors. The custom vanity is the show stopper in this master bathroom and it was the first fixture that we selected for the room. The shape of the vanity is very traditional but the combination acrylic and unlacquered brass on the legs give it a modern edge. The metal finishes on the fixtures in the space are all unlacquered brass and they've been paired with marble tile and a marble countertop. The room is accented with pops of plum in the whimsical wallpaper and abstract artwork. 


To see more of the selection process and for all of the product specifications, head over the Splash Spritzo blog:

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