Here are the trends that we see becoming popular in 2020. Our list comes from a mix of research and observation. We took inventory of what we see on top social media posts, design magazine and popular blogs. A lot of the home magazines and design websites interview interior designers from around the country and ask them what they think the trends will be – we took notice when multiple designers had the same predictions. We also combed through several trend reports from various marketing, design, and creative outlets. The other key factor in predicting interior design trends is to take a look at the fashion runways – did you know that most trends in interiors are a few years behind the runway trends?

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the idea that humans have an inherited need to connect to nature. Adding plants and greenery to your space will not only beautify the room but it will also improve mental health, indoor air quality and the overall ecosystem. In a world where we are so glued to our technology being able to connect to nature, even when indoors, is becoming increasingly important.



Photos from Hotel Business and Jungalow

Navy Blue

I know, I know, navy isn’t a new trend but it also isn’t going away anytime soon and will increase in popularity this year. It’s a classic color and can function as a neutral in any palette. Living and designing in New England means that this color will be a staple in our palette for quite a while but the way we use it can be refreshed year after year. Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 is a navy blue so prepare to see it in more furniture and accessories.



Photos from Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn

Furniture with Rounded Edges

I saw rounded furniture making its way onto the scene in 2019 with some pieces from CB2 and now I’m seeing it as an offering from so many modern furniture manufacturers. When implementing this trend, I think you walk a fine line between cool and modern vs. the furniture you owned in the 80’s. One of the keys in keeping rounded upholstered pieces modern and fun is the fabric selection – opt for solid fabrics in either bold colors or neutral.


Photos from Fiona Lynch and Dimore Studio

Painted Interior Doors

Of course, all interior doors are painted, but in this trend, we are talking about painting the doors something other than white. Painting an interior door in a rich, bold or unexpected color adds warmth and character to the space. Paired with contrasting hardware, a colorful door can make a statement in a room. In 2020 we are going to see a shift away from all interior doors and trim being painted white.


Photos from Pompeli and One Kings Lane

Washing the Room in One Color

I love this look – painting the millwork, walls, ceiling and trim all the same color really makes a room feel enveloping and cozy. It’s also a great technique, especially in older homes, where the lines between walls, ceiling, and trim are not exactly straight. If you are painting it all the same color, you can really hide those discrepancies rather than draw attention with contrasting colors.


Photos from Davis Furniture and Milk Magazine

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Rattan, bamboo, caning, and wicker are all making a comeback in 2020. In chairs, tables, lighting and accessories,  these traditional materials and techniques have evolved to create fresh and exciting pieces. The pieces can bridge a myriad of different design styles including coastal, eclectic, boho, traditional, transition and modern.​​​​​​​


Photo from Selamat

Upholstered Walls

Wallpaper is still popular which I am so happy about but upholstered walls are going to show up this year as a new way to create an accent wall. Not only are they beautiful and create a great focal point and statement in a space but they can also be functional. The face fabric and material behind the fabric will dampen the sound in a room – sound reverberates off of hard surfaces and is absorbed by soft surfaces.​​​​​​​upholstered_wall_velvet_interior_design

Photos from Lorenzo Pennati and A Beautiful Mess​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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