It’s the final day of #The30DayHomeRefresh! Today we’re taking it outside and talking about curb appeal. Here are some of our favorite ideas for refreshing the outside of your home.

Add Planters


Add some planters to your front stairs or the landing at your front door for an instant pop of greenery and color to welcome guests (when guests are welcome again).

A Pop of Color


Boost curb appeal by making your front door stand out instead of blend in. The front door is a great place to play with color – go bold. Opt for a fun, bright color that accentuates and enhances the other colors of your home’s exterior. Here are some of our favorite front door colors.

Let There Be Light


There’s nothing welcoming about a dark entryway. If you have a light fixture at your front door that’s either seen better days or just isn’t giving off enough light, replace it with an updated fixture. If you need some additional light to get to the front door use solar-powered lanterns to light up the walkway.

Makeover Your Mailbox


Swap out a dated mailbox for something more stylish. This is a quick project that can make a noticeable difference in your home’s curb appeal. 

Upgrade Your House Numbers


Quickly update the look of your home by replacing your old house numbers with something that fits the architecture and style of your home. Contrast is key, make sure the numbers are legible against the siding.  Before you put up new numbers, make sure the location is actually visible from the road, if not consider a new location or a secondary location.

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