Today is Day 27 of The 30 Day Home Refresh and today we’re talking about applying a fresh coat of paint. You could repaint an entire room or do an accent wall for a pop of color. We’re going to provide you with some best practices to select a paint color for your home and we’ll share with you some of our all-time favorite paint colors.

Picking paint colors during these times is a little bit different than it would normally be. Usually, I’d recommend you go to the paint store and select some swatches that appeal to you. Then bring those swatches home and look at them in the actual room you’ll be painting. Lighting can dramatically change the way a color looks, those swatches will not look the same at the paint store as they do in your own home. Once you narrow the swatches down to your absolute favorites, utilize those small paint samples that all painting stores now offer. Paint 2’ x 2’ tests on each wall in the room and review how the paint looks under all of the lighting conditions throughout the day. Light will hit each wall in the room differently, which is why I recommend doing a test on each wall. You’ll also want to look at the paint color with the other elements in the room – furniture, cabinetry and trim color – to make sure they all work together.

In these times, when you can’t spend an hour browsing the aisles of your paint store, start your search online. Most paint stores and hardware stores are offering curbside pickup of paint and supplies, give your local store a call to see that extends to swatches. Farrow and Ball offers a swatch card that can be mailed to your home that shows all of the paint colors in their line.

Here are some of our favorite paint colors.


Would you like help creating a paint color scheme tailored to you and your home? Contact us to set up a paint consultation. We can work with you locally in person or anywhere in the world via our e-design process.

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