It’s Day 26 of The 30 Day Home Refresh and today we’re going to style your coffee table. Your coffee table has to be functional but it can also be beautiful and a place to showcase things that bring you joy.


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How To

It can be difficult to know where to start with styling when looking at an empty table. So, we’ve created a step by step guide for you; start by arranging the largest items on the table, like coffee table books and trays. You can use these elements to anchor your display and provide a base to start layering other objects. Then add a natural element, like plants or fresh flowers. These items will add texture and help you to create different height levels that add balance and visual interest. Create your highest levels using vases or tall sculptural objects and create lower levels with boxes and those foundational pieces. Lastly, you can add in decorative objects, this is a great way to also add personality to your space, find objects that have meaning to you and your family and use those as accessories on the table.


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Corral It

It would be wonderful to always have a perfectly styled coffee table that makes you smile when you walk by it, but this is real life and not a photo shoot, so the coffee table also needs to be functional. The styled accessories are wonderful but at some point, you will need to use the table for a real-life purpose. Perhaps to have a meal, make a puzzle, do some work, or anything else that may happen in your day to day life. To make the design and function of your table seamless, place all of the styling elements within a large tray. This will make it quick and easy to cart away all of the styled pieces at one time without having to restyle it later. That way, you can quickly change the function of your table without too much effort.


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Be Practical

Your coffee table needs to be functional as well as well-styled. It’s a high traffic place to set down food and drink, play games, and hold everyday essentials. In order to be able to keep all of your essential items in the right place while still maintaining the aesthetic you want, use baskets or wooden boxes. These are a great way to camouflage remote controls, coasters, eyeglasses, pens, or other everyday objects that cause coffee table clutter. You don’t need to keep your essential items in an inconvenient place in order to have a beautiful space.


Image from Studio McGee

Section It Off

Looking at a large coffee table as a whole can be overwhelming when deciding how to style it. Instead, separate your table into sections and then position objects within each section. Decide what each section of your table should be utilized for, this will make it easier to figure out what to put there. Make sure each section of the table carries the same visual weight to create a well-balanced display. Divide a rectangular table into thirds, divide a large square table into quadrants.


Image from Ballard Designs

Mix It Up

In order to add dimension, include a variety of textures in your display. Be bold and include a mixture of materials – mixing smooth metals and rough ceramics along with wooden beads and high gloss boxes can really take a table display to the next level. The juxtaposition of different textures creates a dynamic display so your space can really stand out. Also, vary the shapes – rectangular books mixed with round candles for example. This simple tip can really change the way your display feels and create that dimension it may have previously been missing.


Image from HGTV

Minimalism is Okay

As they say, “less is more.” You don’t need to fill your coffee table with a layered collection of décor to create a well-styled vignette. Take a minimalist approach if that fits with your decor style, it can be just as eye-catching. Just showcase one or two decorative pieces that you love and that really fit well with your design style. But, make sure they are large enough to stand on their own and don’t look lost on the table. By choosing just a few special items to showcase you can really emphasize items with personal meaning to you and your family.

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