On Day 19 of The 30 Day Home Refresh, bring the outdoors into your home in the form of flowers and plants. In addition to adding color and cheer to a room, flowers and plants have the power to make people feel happier, calmer and more productive. Humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. So in a time when we are increasing glued to our screens and technology, being able to connect to nature, even when it’s indoors, is especially important.

Improve Mood

Studies have shown that people who had placed flowers around their homes in locations where they could be seen on a daily basis experienced a noticeable positive change in their mood and a reduction in anxiety. Think about the places you spend the most time in around your home and make sure you can see something green in those areas - potted plants or fresh flowers. 

Help You Sleep

When it comes to improving sleep, lavender is especially helpful. The smell of lavender is proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which will help you to relax. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to drift off into a restful sleep. Add a vase of lavender or a lavender plant on your nightstand.

Increase Productivity

Studies have shown that offices with plants increase brain performance and encourage creativity. Add some greenery or florals in your home office and in the areas your children do their homework.

Clean The Air

Flowers and plants filter and clean the air in the room, removing harmful toxins. Peace lilies, aloe vera, gerberas and chrysanthemums, are a few great choices for purifying the area. 

Take a walk around your yard and gather a beautiful spring bouquet - in New England, daffodils, crocuses, forsythia and magnolias are in bloom right now. A few stems of any of those flowers with a bit of greenery would make a beautiful little arrangement. Share your blooms or plants in the comments below. 


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