It’s Day 17 of The 30 Day Home Refresh – how to prepare your guest room for guests. I know it may be a while before we can actually have guests over but it’s never too early to get the space ready. The tips and tricks below will help make the space feel cozy and inviting for your friends and family that are spending an overnight.


Clean It Up

Of course, you’ll vacuum and dust before your guest come but what about the clutter in the room? Most often, a guest bedroom tends to serve dual purposes in a home. It could be a home office, exercise room, or just that room where the things that don’t have a home end up. Before guests come, clean up the clutter. You don’t have to empty out the closets and dresser but make sure your guest has a place to put things too. Clear some space in the closet and leave some empty hangers for them or add hooks on the wall for them to hang clothing.


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Provide Privacy

You might know that your neighbors can’t see into your windows, but your guests won't. Make them feel comfortable by adding window treatments that give privacy, simple blinds work great. If a guest is in your home and on vacation then they will appreciate a dark room for sleeping late.


Image from House Beautiful 

Make Space For Luggage

Give your guests a place to put their suitcase. Ideally a luggage rack, bench or chair. But at the very least, make sure there is clear floor space to leave a suitcase, no one wants to be tripping over luggage every time they get in or out of bed.


Image from Driven by Decor 

Set Out Towels and Toiletries

Leave towels in the bedroom for your guests and give them a place to hang towels to dry. That might be an empty towel rack in the bathroom or a hook in the guest bedroom. Also set out a small basket of toiletries, just in case they forgot something.


Image from The Spruce

Add a Mirror

Hang a mirror in the guest bedroom to provide a place to get ready, apply makeup, check the outfit, etc. If you have enough space, a full-length mirror is even better.


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Think About Bedding

Treat your guests to a great night's sleep with luxurious bedding. Start with high-thread-count, 100% cotton sheets, then add a thick duvet or quilt and pile on lots of fluffy pillows. Provide an extra blanket at the end of the bed in case guests get extra chilly at night.


Image from Setting for Four

Brighten Things Up

Place a lamp near the bed for reading. It’s also nice to having light control near the bed so your guest won't have to stumble around in the dark to turn a light on or stumble back to bed after turning a light off. Add some nightlights outside of the room so that guests can find their way to the bathroom and kitchen at night. You may be fine wandering in the dark but guests don’t know your house that well.


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Don’t Forget About Technology

Is there a convenient place to charge cellphones or laptops? If the outlets are hidden behind pieces of furniture, add a power strip to make the outlets accessible. Wi-Fi is also crucial, save guests from having to ask for the info by printing the info onto card stock and framing it.


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Provide Entertainment

Think about what your guest might want to do after you’ve said goodnight. Having a TV in the bedroom is a nice option, don't forget to place the remote control near the bed so they don't have to get out of bed to turn it off. You could also stock the nightstand with current magazines or a few books that are quick reads.


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Add Little Touches

Plants, flowers, artwork, framed photos, linen spray or a diffuser all bring personality and comfort to a room. These personal touches are what separate your cozy guest room from a hotel room.


Image from Liz Marie Blog

Spend Some Time

The best way to tell if your guest room is ready for an overnight guest is to spend an overnight in the room yourself. So pack a small bag and move into the guest room for the night and get ready for the day in that room too. Very quickly, you’ll see what’s missing. Was there a place to put your clothes? Were there tissues? Was there a mirror to do your makeup? Was it bright enough if you wanted to read a book at night? Little details can go a long way, make note of what would have made your stay better and make those upgrades to the room.


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