Today we are going to take you on a virtual tour of the Brick + Beam Studio office. For the first few years in business, we were a home-based business but in November of 2018, we moved to a renovated barn in the Dunns Corner area of Westerly, RI. Working out of the barn has been a fun change for our company and the new location keeps us inspired. 



Our office is in a private room at the front of the barn. We have two desks back to back which allows us to easily work in a collaborative environment – we simply spin our chairs around to share ideas or check out what the other person is working on. At the same time, sitting back to back gives each of us a private office feel. 



This is our design library where we store finish samples and project literature. Each box contains different types of finish materials including fabrics, wood flooring, tiles, carpet, countertops, veneers, paint, etc. At the bottom of the bookshelf (which you might recognize if you frequent IKEA), we have catalogs from different vendors including lighting, rugs, furniture, artwork and accessories. Although a lot of our sourcing is done online and in person, it’s helpful to have a few key catalogs on hand.


There is no such thing as a typical day in our office, sometimes we are working on designs on the computer from 9-5 and other days you may find us assembling furniture for an installation. Whatever the day brings you can bet that we are in the midst of creating beautiful designs for our clients.


This blog post was written by Brick + Beam Studio’s summer intern, Angela Beausoleil. Angela is an interior design student at Arizona State University. To see more of Angela’s design work, check out her Instagram.

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