It’s DAY 5 of #The30DayHomeRefresh. Ready for a mini makeover? Today we’re sprucing up your laundry area by adding lots of function and organized storage to the space.  These tips can be implemented in a standalone laundry room, a laundry area that pulls double duty or in a basement laundry area. No one likes doing laundry but if your space made you smile when you walked in maybe laundry wouldn’t feel like such a chore.


Image from Styled by Emily Henderson


If you have front-loading machines, add a countertop above the washer and dryer. It gives you a flat surface to fold on and no more losing socks between the two machines.


Image from Vintage Revivals 


If you have a top load washer, you can’t add a countertop but you can add a shelf at the back part of the washer and dryer. The shelf will not only give you storage space but it will hide the gap between the machines and wall as well hide the outlet/cords. This is just a shelf installed on L-brackets.


Image from Newton Custom Interiors


Squeeze storage in where you can, like between the washer and dryer. A little storage cart on wheels would be perfect to store cleaning products, detergent, fabric softener, etc – measure the space between the machines and subtract 2” so you have enough room to easily slide the cart in and out. If you have a countertop, measure the height as well. This little storage caddy is only 4” wide, perfect for a small space.


Images from Driven By Decor and Yamazaki USA


Tuck your ironing board out of the way when not in use. If your laundry room has a door, hanging it on the back of the door is a great space-saving solution. You could also hang it on a wall using a couple of coat hooks. Screw the hooks into a rectangle of wood and attach it to the wall, you can customize it to match the rest of the room’s décor.


Image from Domestic Imperfection


At a certain point, we run out of floor space but we may be able to gain space if we make use of the walls. Do you have room to add a wall-mounted, folding drying rack? This one is from Ballard Designs, we’ve used it on a few projects.


Image from Ballard Designs


If you have upper cabinets in the laundry room, add a rod underneath for a place to air dry your clothing.


Image from Marker Girl


If you don’t have closed storage for your detergents, cleaners, spot treatments, etc. consider decanting them in glass jars to create a uniform look on the shelf. Glass containers with super-secure lids, spouts, or spray tops work best, just make sure you label them so you know what’s what.


Image from The Leslie Style 


Last but not least, add some life with plants and art to bring your laundry room some joy. The laundry room is typically pretty neglected when it comes to style and décor, show your laundry room some love this weekend.


Image from Pinterest

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