For today’s project, we’ll be hiding some unsightly electronics - specifically cords and your router. Looking through a design magazine you never see cords, extension cords, cables, and routers but only because they’ve been photoshopped out. In real life, these items are necessary and we often don’t get to choose their locations but we can hide them to create a clean, streamlined look in our homes.

Router In A Box

Hide your router in a decorative box. Cut a hole in the back that is large enough to get the plug through and place your router inside. Then you can stack the box on your shelves and no one will guess there’s a router inside.


Image from Sweet Sanity

Router In A Book

Hide the router in a hollowed-out hardcover book, it’ll blend seamlessly with everything else on your bookshelf.


Image from Apartment Therapy

If you don't want to sacrifice one of your own books, Covogoods makes covers for just this purpose. It looks like a series of books but it’s completely hollow in the back for hiding all of your electronics (or anything else you might want to hide).  


Image from Covogoods

Hidden in a Basket

Place a large basket on the floor near an outlet, cut a slit in the back of the basket to run the cord for the surge protector through, then the surge protector, router and any other cords you might need are tucked neatly inside. This is a great idea for a desk since we often have computer cords to hide too.


Image from Burlap and Lace Blog

Hidden in Plain Sight

Stack things like your cable box or DVD player within a stack of books and boxes are easy ways to camouflage them. Did you see the boxes right away?


Image from Havenly 

Cord Management

The first step in managing unruly cords is to bundle them together. A binder clip works great for this because it’s easy to undo if you need to pull a cord out. If you have a lot of cords, label each one with a small piece of tape before bundling.


Image from Apartment Therapy

Run your cords down the leg of furniture to the wall and then along the baseboard to the outlet. Packing tape, command strips, zip ties, and twist ties all work great for keeping the cord on the furniture leg. Command even makes special hooks for this exact purpose:


Image from Apartment Therapy  

Hiding TV Cords

Wiremold is a great way to hide your TV cords if you can’t get it into the wall. The wiremold covers the cord and can be painted to match the wall.


Image from The Every Girl

Questions about cord management or hiding eyesores? Leave them below in the comments. Happy hiding!

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