It's Day 11 of The 30 Day Home Refresh. Today we are going to brighten up your home and add some color with some handmade artwork! Create something that will bring you joy when you see it displayed in your home. Get the kids involved and make it a family art day. We've rounded up lots of easy, step by step tutorials in the links below or you can create your own piece. Use whatever you have on hand - paint, markers, crayons, cut paper, etc. 


Create a calming, soothing abstract landscape with this workshop from Brit + Co Use the code SELFCARE at checkout for a free class until 4/9.


Jenna Rainey has a bunch of awesome YouTube videos for beginner painters. Here's the link to create this simple watercolor galaxy:


Another favorite from Jenna Rainey's YouTube channel - a simple watercolor abstract:


Jenna Rainey has tutorials for watercoloring almost any flower out there. Search for your favorite on her YouTube channel. Here's the link to one of our favorite, the anemone tutorial:


No paint on hand? What about colored paper? Here's the link to the tutorial to make a colorful paper collage: This is made with colored vellum but you could use construction paper or scrapbook paper to create something pretty unique. 


Just this morning, Emily Henderson released this tutorial for DIY Kid Silhouette Portraits: These are simple black and whites but try substituting colored or patterned paper to add some color in your space.


This is by far the easiest paint tutorial you'll ever try. It's called swipe art - you can make this in less than two minutes, here's how:


Is there an online art tutorial that you or your kids have enjoyed, add it in the comments below. We'd love to see what you create, share your colorful creation on social media and tag us!


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