Today is Day 10 of #The30DayHomeRefresh and we will be simplifying and styling your nightstand. We know this might be an afterthought for some people, but it is a simple step in elevating your space and design. Simplifying what’s on your nightstand is important – no one wants to start the day by rolling over and coming face to face with a pile of clutter. Your nightstand needs to hold things that are practical but it should also hold things that make you happy. A well-styled nightstand, with things that bring you joy, will set a cheerful tone for the day when you see it first thing in the morning.



The Six Key Pieces on a Well-Styled Nightstand

1. A table lamp is both decorative and functional. Put it close enough to the bed so that it is easy to switch on and off. The lamp size should be proportional to the nightstand, a small nightstand calls for a small lamp whereas a large nightstand looks best with a large lamp. The lamp will be the tallest piece in your display and carry the most visual weight. Consider selecting a lamp that has a nice accent color to tie into the color scheme that is already existing in your room or to add a pop of color in a mostly neutral room. 

2. Include a piece of framed artwork that will create the backdrop for your display. The other items on your nightstand should, in part, overlap with the artwork. The artwork should be on the opposite side of the lamp, the two can overlap in the middle. The artwork can either be hung on the wall or propped on the nightstand leaning against the wall. Consider using a photo of family, a pet, a scene that makes you happy or a piece of art from your favorite artist - this will enhance the calming nature of the design.

3.  Add a stack of books - these books can be purely decorative or it can be a stack of books that you're actually reading. It's an easy way to add color to the nightstand and can be used as a pedestal to raise smaller decorative items. Often the book jackets are distracting or don't work with your color scheme so consider removing them and using the solid color of the book beneath to enhance your decor.

4. Add an alarm clock, find something decorative that fits the style of your space. Using an actual alarm clock, rather than your phone, limits your ability to wake up and start scrolling and checking email right away. This small change in your morning routine can really make a difference in your life. It will allow you to start your days more peacefully without letting the stress of everyday life creep in too early in the day. Consider charging your phone somewhere other than your nightstand, like in the kitchen or on your desk.

5.​​​​​​ Add a plant or flowers to the nightstand which will add some life to your display. This could also add some color to your table; consider selecting an arrangement that complements the colors you already have already added with your alarm clock and books. If you've got a green thumb, go for the real thing, if not a faux plant will also do the trick.

6. Add a small trinket dish that will serve as a place to corral smaller items on your nightstand. Find a dish the makes you happy with a fun pattern, color scheme, or cheeky saying. This dish doesn’t have to be solely decorative either; it can be a place for you to keep your rings, watch or earrings.

You can style or restyle your nightstand with items you already own - think about pulling from other areas of the house or from things you might have in closets/storage. Before you start grabbing items, decide on a color palette for the styled scene. You could use colors within one color family, blues for example. Or you could opt to bring a few colors in, perhaps using your bedding or a piece of art in the room as inspiration. As you select items, think about varying textures to create visual interest. Also vary the heights among the items as you set things up, the stack of books can be a great way to elevate smaller items.

styled-nightstand-guest-bedroom-interior-designPlease let me know if you have any questions and tag us in your creations. 

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