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When should I hire an interior designer?

For a renovation or new build, you should contact us as soon as you start thinking about the project – do not wait until construction has started. Bringing us in at the true beginning of the project allows us to advise on changes that could be made to the layout to make your finished project even better. For smaller design projects or projects with a minimal amount of construction, reach out to us 4 to 6 months before you want the project to be finished. It’s always better to have more time to design and make decisions. Your project is an investment and rushing through the decision process usually leads to regret down the road.

What is your design style?

Brick + Beam Studio doesn’t have a signature design style - we aren’t designing for us, we are designing for you! We are here to help you understand your personal style, craft a vision for your home or office and bring that vision to life. 


Are you willing to design just one room?

Absolutely! We are happy to work on a single room, whether that be a full remodel or just a refresh with a few new pieces of furniture and décor. Many of our multi-room or full home projects also begin with just one room or area, it's a great way to ease into the design relationship and establish trust with our clients.


Where do you get your furniture and fixtures?

We purchase furnishings, fixtures, artwork, and accessories from a variety of sources including trade showrooms, retail stores, online vendors, and local small businesses. We love introducing our clients to new brands and products that they aren’t familiar with – this sets your house apart from your neighbor’s house and always increases that wow factor. That being said, if you have a store or vendor you absolutely love, we’d be happy to use them in our sourcing.


Do I have to purchase the furniture through Brick + Beam Studio?

It depends on which service package you are purchasing. If you are hiring us for full-service interior design, then yes, you would purchase everything through us. We have a seamless procurement and installation process that takes the ordering, tracking, and assembly of furniture off of your plate. Purchasing through us also gives you access to furniture, artwork, and accessories from trade-only sources. If you are hiring us for e-design, we create a shopping list and you are responsible for purchasing all items on your own.


Do I have to use your contractor or architect?

We have a trusted network of professionals including builders, architects, tradespeople, and workrooms. But we are also happy to work with your preferred vendors, we’ll ask if you have any preferred vendors during our initial consultation so that we can make sure we loop those vendors into the project early on.


Can you start my project right away?

Maybe. We only take on a select number of projects at one time which allows us to build a personal relationship with each client and give each project our full attention. Reach out in the contact form and we can give you our current availability, sometimes we can take a project on right away, other times we are booked out a few months but we promise it’s worth the wait!


How do you charge?

For our full-service design projects, we charge on an hourly basis, our rate is $125/hour. The design services proposal that we create for you after our consultation will outline the number of hours we estimate your project taking. Our online or e-design projects are flat fees that vary by type of room but start at $750.


This is my first time working with an interior designer, how do we get started?

More than half of our past clients had never hired a designer before working with us, so you’re in good company. We begin by having you fill out a short questionnaire and then we follow-up with a phone conversation to briefly discuss your project. If we are a good fit for your project, then we will set up a consultation. During the consultation, we will walk through your home or business with you, and learn about the specific needs of your design project.  After the meeting, we will create a proposal for design services with a detailed outline of the scope of work and estimate of time to complete each phase of the design work.


Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Feel free to reach out, we’d be happy to answer it.