Something exciting is happening!

On Wednesday, I’ll be launching a FREE program called The 30 Day Home Refresh. Each day I’ll give you a mini project to do in your own house that will help your home feel happier, cozier, more organized and less cluttered. Your environment has a huge impact on your well-being so I want to help you create a happy and comforting space during these difficult times. Disorganization and clutter tend to be a source of stress so I’ll help you tackle those issues along the way to create a calmer environment.

The daily prompts will appear in a variety of places – on Brick + Beam Studio's Instagram stories, Facebook stories and in the Facebook group Interior Design Idea Exchange. I’ll also keep a running list here on the blog, so if you miss a day it’ll be easy to catch up. 

I’d love for this to be an interactive project, so please reach out if you have questions about the prompts or if you want advice tailored to your exact situation. I’d also love to see your before and afters – so send me your pictures or tag Brick + Beam Studio on social media. You can also use the hashtag #the30dayhomerefresh.

Leave a comment below if you plan to join in!


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